Nicoletta DIAMANTI
Freelance Photographer

Another (extra)ordinary day

Amarapura monastery, Mandalay Province, Myanmar. Every day the monks gather at 10am carrying the offerings they collected early morning. Rice, sweets, fruits, some money. Women volunteer as cooks, monks arrive all together with their bowls, take some food, sit silently to eat the only meal of the day . Then they return to the dorms to pray and to attend daily routine works and for a short relaxing moment.


The night of...

It happens every year on the night between 1 and 2 November. 
It happens in Mexico. 
It happens that this very special night is called La Noche de los Muertos.
It happens that everything takes place in cemeteries where families bring
food and things to their dead
It happens that they spend hours sitting next to the graves, bringing food
and thinks, making this moment the most memorable get together

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